Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy

There are many forms of Counselling at Intuitive Mind Body Healing Clinic, we prefer to use a more Holistic form of Counselling as it is a unique to you. With the idea that we evolve as spiritual beings, and problems are doors to opportunity for growth and enlightenment. Counselling takes place to transform perspectives that no longer serve us, with a focus on the physiological and psychological wellness, as Carolyn Myss suggests, your biology is your biography.  

Holistic Counselling works with the mind, body and spirit as interconnected, not as separate parts. In my work as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist I use therapeutic techniques to assist you in clarifying a positive perspective of yourself, your feelings, your concerns with life, and your relationships with significant others, while integrating as a whole.  I will guide you through the process by providing support, motivation, and accountability.

Therapy is conducted at 3/28 Recreation Street, Tweed Heads. This is a safe, confidential, and supportive environment where you can feel comfortable being honest. There are a variety of reasons why people seek therapy, when not coping well with major life changes, or to work through traumatic events, difficult relationships, family separation, or simply to make positive change and grow as a person within your current life situation.  You can be assured all counselling is professional and strictly confidential.

Relationship Counselling

Dealing with marital or relationship issues can present major stress for any individual or couple. Very often the stresses of everyday living can wear down a relationship resulting in communication breakdown and separation. Confidentiality and a safe, peaceful environment in which to deal with such issues are the basic essentials in the provision of couple’s therapy. 

Exploring issues such as why you choose the people you do, patterns and behaviors from early life settings affecting current relationships. May be unresolved conflict, related to individual core values, living separate lives, trust issues, intimacy, too many arguments…..I can help you explore and resolve sensitive issues, and help you move on to a more fulfilling relationships with your partner and other people in your life.

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