Astrology Training Workshop:

Ever wanted to know what’s written in the Stars?

Even if you don’t know anything about astrology basics, you may know your Sun sign, and you may know a few of the character traits that are assigned to it. The astrological predictions that appear in many newspapers and magazines are based on the Sun signs. 

These are really just generalizations, as there are only twelve Sun signs, and this means all of humanity is divided into twelve groups. Obviously, this isn’t the case, but it’s a good place to start looking at your horoscope chart when learning how to understand astrology.
The exact time and place you were born is the key to your unique Astrology Chart.

During this training workshop you will learn about the 4 basics elements of fire, water, air, earth signs, the 12 major Sun signs and their characteristics, the 12 Houses and their meaning, the Planets and the meaning of their placement within each of the 12 houses. What the signs on the Cusp mean, and what a rising sign is, the elements, quadrants, polarities, symbols and much more.

You will receive your own unique Birth Astrology Chart, and you will work with this to gain a clear insight in to your every day being, your potential career, wealth, and partner….
Contact us on 0418826122 or email to find out more information or to enrol in this 2 day workshop! Discover your uniqueness and meet like-minded people! 

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